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We believe your
data should be clear,
reliable, and useful.

You told us that clean, complete data
samples are difficult to access and
use in everyday workflows.
You asked us to build a utility for
simple and dependable

So we built Astral.

What is Astral?

Astral is both the name of our company and a secure, scalable platform designed to help you store, protect, and use complex data.

How does Astral make your data useful?

Quality and Completeness

We source, scan, document and standardize your largest and most complex data sources so you can focus on your mission.


Astral’s shared, trusted, and flexible platform with intuitive access controls enables productive engagement among data consumers, contributors and service providers.


We observe the highest standards of governance and are committed to providing participants with transparency into our progress, business model, and priorities as we move forward.

Who is Astral designed for?

Astral is designed for you. Ask us how to get started.

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